Years ago the true Alpha of the Brandt clan, Gerard Brandt, gave up his reign to the throne over territorial rivalry. Now he is back in town only to lay his deceased brother to rest, but his heart has other plans for him – Teegan Dean.

Teegan is cold-hearted, cynical and doesn’t stay in one place for too long. But there is something about her Gerard cannot fight. The Alpha, Kano Hok’ee, from the rivalry pack, has claimed her for his own for she is more than what she seems, something Teegan’s not even aware of.

Murder, lies, and deceit make up the Hok’ee pack’s world. They are known for forcing those to yield to their will, through their strength in numbers and other dishonorable secrets.

Although not as large, the Brandt pack is a powerful foe. They, too, lead a life of unscrupulous manipulation and for far too long they’ve done nothing to stop this impending conflict.

A power struggle finally explodes between the Brandt and the Hok’ee clan. For centuries they’ve been enemies, but as pasts come to haunt the small town of Silverton, the heads of each territorial clan must meet in order to cease this war.

Teegan is the key to one's packs destruction as she is 
strength to the other.

An Alpha’s Captive: A Brandt Wolf Pack

Coming May 2018