When does your next books come out?

A Time Not Forgotten - Coming in 2018

Paranormal Mystery Series - Coming Soon

Is the YA Connor series done after three books?

Yes. Book three will have an explosive ending that involves an epic battle.  We will learn of everyone's fate, including the outcome of the Tony, Connor & Ronin triangle. Before book three releases, I plan on writing a novella about the history of The San explaining more of their background and how they evolved. This includes Monlow and how he came to rule Ether.

How long will the Madame Lilly series be?

So far there is no ending in sight. I plan on at least ten volumes, maybe even twenty. I like the idea of the short stories being similar to graphic novels. There will be more characters introduced as the story-line progresses and also recurring ones from this series that will showcase in other books that I am working on.